Happy Halloween!

I cerntainly had my share of trick or treat today.  The moment we stepped out the restaurant, it started to rain like crazy.   Three mins into the rain,  i realized i had lost my wallet.  Could it be in the restaurant or on the street?  I went back to the restaurant and the waiters searched with me in vain.  I walked up and down the busy block all soaked up looking for it.  A guy passing by stopped me and said my shoelaces were loose and it’s dangerous in the rain.   My dear new yorker, what about my wallet and all the crab in it?  I almost gave it up and decided to start making calls to the credit card company  when a voice from a distance mumbed the word “wallet”.  A fedex guy, apparently chatting to a lady outside a diner something about how to safe carry a wallet.  “Did you say wallet? i just lost mine?”  it came out as blunt as that.  He looked at me then at the lady.  The lady walked me into the diner and introduced me to another guy who apparently worked there.   The guy then escrowed me all the way to the back of the room.  There he opened up a safe and presented me “the wolla”.  What a god-send!  He of course checked my ID and told me he did not take any money out of it.  I thanked him and gave him five bucks for safe keeping it.   Back to the office,  still recovering from the miracle and rain,  saw the following email from my boss, “amy, where are you? i think i lost you on the street after lunch?   I just bought an umbrella and waiting for you to walk back to office.”  oh my, i almost lost my boss too =)